Quality Status

On Tuesday 8th March 2005 Atherstone Town Council was awarded the Quality Status Award, being re-acredited on 12th May 2009. The award was renewed following a portfolio of evidence, which complied with a series of specific targets, being presented to the Awards Panel.

Quality Status was introduced by the government in March 2003. By acquiring Quality Status, parish and town councils can demonstrate that they are representative, in touch with their communities, competent and capable of taking on an enhanced role. Quality Status smooths the way for the formation of partnerships with principal authorities, enabling projects and initiatives which reflect the needs and preferences of the community.

One of the main benefits for the community is the provision of a local access point providing information on services. Atherstone Town Council has achieved this by the provision of an office open to the public, the production of a Town Council newsletter available at the local library, and the launch of an updated website.

The Town Council now has the power to negotiate for the delivery of more local services and to develop stronger partnerships with the district and county councils and voluntary and community groups. 

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