Atherstone Community Support Team

Atherstone Town Council in conjunction with the Atherstone Partnership have announced that, following a remarkable response to a call for volunteers to help their neighbours and fellow residents, support is now in place for every street and road throughout Atherstone.
Chairman of Atherstone Town Council, Councillor David Wright, on behalf of all fellow members sends a resounding “Thank you to Atherstone” on behalf of everyone involved in co-ordinating the scheme in a matter of days.
Over 60 Volunteers are registered, between them covering over 4,300 households and help is being offered with essential shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking dogs or just a friendly phone call for those who are unable to leave their homes during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Cllr Wright added “This is part of our ongoing plan to support the most vulnerable in our local community and despite the hard work our volunteers are going to face over the coming weeks I have no doubt they will provide an invaluable service and we are all very proud they have come forward at such a time of need”

Gary Chamberlain of the Atherstone Partnership adds “I would also like to offer thanks, on behalf of the Atherstone Partnership, to all those who have come forward to volunteer.

It is truly humbling to see how our community can pull together to offer such support to the people in most need.

I’d also like to offer our thanks and praise to the officers and Councillors of Atherstone Town Council who have worked tirelessly to ensure this project gets the support it needs. The Town Clerks Odette and Sally truly have done a fantastic job behind the scenes. Finally, a thank you to our local social media community forums who have put up with our many posts.

I realise that we may have bombarded you with more posts than you expected but you have played a crucial part in getting this message out and ultimately gaining the support we need for this project to work.

The Atherstone Community Support Team have dedicated drivers delivering prescriptions  and Shawn Brotherhood of Lloyds Pharmacy suggested a “big round of applause is due to this happy group of responsible volunteers and pharmacy staff.

As pharmacist manager at Lloyd’s in Atherstone I couldn’t have done it without any of them.

The volunteers are selfless, caring and practical in delivering to vulnerable and shielding patients without fuss on request, and for that I am forever grateful.”


Atherstone Matters- a Covid-19 Support Service for Atherstone Residents

This is new separate support service for the people of Atherstone who are feeling the financial effects of Covid-19 or who are working long hours and are unable to access shops, delivered its first boxes on the weekend of May 2nd

The scheme is funded by the grants given to Borough Councillors to be used to support residents.

Borough Councillors Neil Dirveiks and Councillor Dawn Downes were delighted when ex Town Councillor Chris Clark and his volunteers asked if they could use some of their funds to run this enterprise on their behalf.

Cllr Dawn Downes works full time at George Eliot hospital and Cllr Neil Dirveiks  has been in lockdown for many weeks now safeguarding his wife, Cllr Lorna Dirveiks, who is at the highest level of vulnerability.

Last week volunteers prepared 15 boxes, not knowing what the demand would be, but they were soon allocated ready to be delivered over the weekend.
Amongst the recipients were elderly people, lone parents and families with young children who were all delighted with the service.

Already the group are taking orders for next week when they hope to customise the boxes.

Goods are part bought and part from donations and the group were encouraged that over a third of the costs were recouped in donations on the principal of “have what you need, pay what you can”.

If you know of anyone who needs this assistance please tell them to get in touch details below

Mobile  07936 887194