In case of flooding sandbags can be obtained from the Town Council on 01827 720829 or out of hours on 07928 974576, please note this is just the empty sandbags.


The Town Council manages Atherstone Cemetery, Sheepy Road, Atherstone

Cemetery opening times

The cemetery is open every day from 8am. Closing times vary according to season:

November to February4pm
March, April, September, October

May to August8pm


The Town Council manages two allotment sites in the town. The sites are based at Gypsy Lane and Merevale off Bracebridge Road. Persons aged 18 years and over can apply to rent an allotment but priority is given to those living within the Parish boundaries. Rents are collected six monthly and are subject to annual review. There are currently waiting lists for both sites, applications should be made directly to the clerks at the Council offices.

Play Areas

The Town Council manages two play areas, namely Westwood Road play area and St. Mary’s Road play area.

St Mary’s Road has been fitted with new pre-school equipment.(2009)

Westwood Road was updated in 2015.


The Town Council works in a partnership with North Warwickshire Borough Council for the provision and operation of the town CCTV system. The cameras, ducting and cabling were provided by, and are owned and maintained by the Town Council, while the monitoring and recording equipment is owned and operated by the Borough Council. Through the partnership agreement the Town Council contributes towards the staffing costs of the monitoring.


The Town Council is a statutory consultee to North Warwickshire Borough Council, for planning applications in Atherstone and those which would affect Atherstone. All responses from Atherstone Town Council can be seen on the North Warwickshire Borough Council website under planning applications or by looking on this website under Reports. https://www.atherstone-tc.gov.uk/reports/

Planning Christmas Lights

The Town Council owns the lights erected around the town for Christmas, with cross street displays on Long Street, Church Street and Market Street. The Town Council is entirely responsible for the maintenance of the lights and supporting infrastructure and for the erection and dismantling of the lights.

Support for Local Community Groups and Events

The Town Council is able to provide funding to support events in the local community and to make small grants to local groups. Applications should be made in writing to the clerks at the Council offices.


List of grants awarded 2014-15

List of grants awarded 2015-16

List of Grants awarded 2017-18

List of Grants awarded  2018-19

List of Grants awarded 2019-20

Honorary Citizen

Each year the Town Council makes an award(s) to a person(s), who in their their opinion has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the town. The award(s) is presented at the Annual Dinner.

Floral Displays

The Town Council provides the floral displays in the town and maintains them through the year with summer and winter plantings, and watering as required. These displays brighten up the town for both residents and visitors. The Town Council urges anyone who sees damage caused to the displays to report the incident to the Council or the Police.

For links to other Authorities and Organisations, see https://www.atherstone-tc.gov.uk/other-services/