The Local Planning Authority (LPA) for Atherstone is North Warwickshire Borough Council (NWBC)

Information regarding building & development control, forward planning, the local plan, tree preservation orders and other planning matters can be found here:   Planning – North Warwickshire Borough Council (

Mineral, Waste or County Council applications are dealt with by Warwickshire County Council, you can view their planning pages here:  Planning – Warwickshire County Council

NWBC notify the Town Council of all planning applications within Atherstone.

The Town Council are a non-statutory consultee and consider as an authority whether to raise any comments in relation to submitted applications.

The LPA (NWBC) can only take into account Material Planning Considerations (

As a member of the public, you are also entitled to examine and comment on planning applications as they are made. The guide below tells you how to find out more about a planning application and — if necessary — how you can take action.

How to respond to planning applications: an 8-step guide (

You can view all of our previous planning responses below, these are also published on the individual planning applications here: Planning Public Access (

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